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Obey Him when you don’t know

Shallom! I am grateful for this opportunity, to testify about my longing in daily serving. Here I will also share the joys and sorrows when serving, especially when I'm serving in the interior of Sarawak.

Is it possible that our team will go to another place together to hold another camp again?

We are a group of young people from different places within Sarawak. At first, our team was named "Calon Ke Syurga (CKS)", which means "the choose one for the heaven." In 2020, our team has officially changed its name to "Projek Daniel (Daniel Plan)."

Indigenous Gospel Ministry, are you on or not?
原住民福音事工,你On 不On?

Seeing the huge need, the Indigenous Gospel Ministry seems to be a bottomless pit. No one knows how long to do it, so if you can participate as hard as you can and also with all your heart and soul. Take part in Indigenous Ministry, are you ON or NOT?

Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.

Even so, God still cares for the orphans and widows here. Although they don't know God and commit many crimes. Therefore, God opened the way to set up a church, in order to bring the gospel of love to the local people, patiently feed them until they are completely free from the old life and in the future can become the light and salt of the world.

Become that hornbill and revive Sarawak!

The purpose of CKS team is not only to serve among the indigenous people, but also hope that through CKS team, God touches more people's heart to join the serving for the indigenous people and revive our Sarawak!

Being baptized = "Basuh Kepala"?

I hope that more brothers and sisters will stand up and walk with us to win more souls; because the Lord said: "The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few" (Matthew 9:37).
So, where are you?

Go out to sow!

The Lord Jesus said, “Go then, and make disciples of all the nations, giving them baptism in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” This bible verses had touched my heart deeply. As a local missionary, are your heart touched deeply like mine?

No one come to shepherd us

I had participated in the ministry for the Indigenous people in 2003 and has entered 16 years so far. During these years, I had walked many longhouses to share God's love with the longhouse people so they can see the power and the grace of God. I was relieved to see some longhouse people thirsting for the word of God; but no one came to shepherd them, they told me "Kami sabaka anak manok nadai indai"


CKS flame will continue to burn, and re-enter the inland longhouse to continue to serve and cultivate the young Iban people with different themes.

The voice of missions in the suburban longhouse

Evangelism is the responsibility of every Christian, because there is no so-called “gift of evangelism” among the various types of gifts listed in the Bible. Therefore, every Christian should seize the opportunity to share the gospel with others everywhere.

Contact → Evangelism → Cultivation → Service → Inheritance
接触→ 传福音→ 栽培→ 服事→ 传承

Sibu Jaya missionary ministry strategy:
Contact → Evangelism → Cultivation → Service → Inheritance;
Currently we are more focused on the first half, namely contact and evangelism.

Promote Daniel's plan!

In Sarawak to preach the gospel and evangelize, we must pay attention to the indigenous people. Judging from the current population, the indigenous people have more than 50% of Sarawak’s total population; therefore, in terms of strategic thinking, resource utilization, and manpower arrangements, indigenous civil workers are definitely the focus.