Go out to sow! 出去播种!

We need to go out and sow.

written by BOE local missionary, Chua Koh Kui

The Lord Jesus said, “Go then, and make disciples of all the nations, giving them baptism in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” This bible verses had touched my heart deeply. As a local missionary, are your heart touched deeply like mine?

I also encourage everyone to participate in short-term mission trips, to experience yourself more about the needs of Iban longhouse people, enter their longhouses, live with them and know their culture.

We’re not only spread them the gospel, but also care for them. When they are sick, pray for them and visit them in the hospital; when there are street friends on the street who are homeless, we have to feed him and drink him, because when you pour a glass of water for the youngest brother is doing it on Jesus. We also need to go to the longhouse and tell them the importance of reading the Bible and praying; They don’t have much education and it’s not easy for them to understand the Bible so we need to teach them slowly.

We need to go out to sow, and the harvest lies in the Lord. Of course, before going out, we must confess our sins first and ask the Holy Spirit to walk with us so that we will not be attacked by evil spirits. Believe that with the Almighty Lord, everything can be done-regardless of good times or bad times, all the mission ministries are all in God’s hands. When we put God in our life as the first place, He will take care of everything.