Is it possible for us to go to another place together to host another camp again?

written by Andy Tang, Chairman of Team Project Daniel.

We are a group of young people from different parts of Sarawak. At first, our team was named as “Calon Ke Syurga (CKS)”, which means “the candidates of heaven.” Now our team has officially changed its name to Daniel Project to match the future development direction.

Our starting point was started in December 2017. At that time, a group of young people were assigned to a youth camp in Ulu Julau. Surprisingly, this group of teenagers fell deeply in love with the serving for the Iban teenagers throughout this camp. I still remember the night when the camp ended, the camp leader was touched. He asked: “Is it possible for our group to go to another place together to host another camp again?” Everyone said, “I’m ready to serve!”. This serving began like a dream. When the youth camp leader hadn’t even asked SCAC Board of Evangelism, it was amazing that the director of BOE suddenly approached the camp leader. The director said he was touched as he saw the camp organized by our team had a good impact on the youth of Ulu Julau, and hoped that we could organize such a camp elsewhere. The camp leader was overjoyed, thanked God, and happily agreed! Our team gradually began to prepare camp after camp.

If you ask me why I want to serve the indigenous people in the inland areas. I will tell you as in Romans 10:14 “How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?” We listened to the pastor’s sermon comfortably in the church every week, and their (indigenous people) chance to hear the gospel might be that short time when we go there for a short mission.

Until May 2020, we have successfully conducted total 10 camps. Locations of the camp includes Ulu Julau, Kapit, Lubok Antu, Pakan, Sibu Permai, Sibu Jaya, Sibu City and many more. We had contacted with 581 teenagers and children among them. Today, Daniel Project team is one of the ministries of the MSIP under SCAC Board of Evangelism. There is one instructor and 15 co-workers from all over Sarawak to prepare and plan every camp together.

Daniel Project’s mission is “to make the gospel soar and revive the land of hornbills”. In order to achieve this goal, we’re looking forward to cultivate indigenous youth leaders so they can rise up for the Gospel and for their own people. Therefore, Daniel Project’s organized camp gradually so we can return to same place nurture them again. Everywhere we go, we will return again for more in-depth teaching. The themes of Daniel Project’s camp are as follows:

  1. CKS 1.0-Teach young people the message of faith through hobby classes. The topics in the camp are “Adakah anda memikul salib?” and “Siapa Yang Layak Masuk Ke Syurga?” to teach young people what is this faith.
  2. CKS 2.0-Let young people know themselves and integrate their faith into their life. The topics of the camp included “Siapakah Aku“, “Mendekatilah Tuhan (spiritual teaching)”, “Keluarga Saya Kemuliaan Bagi-Mu“, time and money management, etc. In order to convey information more effectively, a series of related activities or games were also interspersed in the camp.

During camp, we have always maintained an important principle. We are convinced that this principle is also the biggest reason for the success of our camp, and that is PRAYER. Few months before the camp, we continued to pray for the camp; During camp, we gathered together four times a day to pray for each other. Every night, the volunteers will do sharing each other, such as: reviewing activities that been carried out, sharing the miracles of God, and give thanks. Through prayer, we testify that God is always working!

If you are in any organization that can reach a large number of indigenous youths and would like to cooperate with us to organize a camp, please send an email to us ( and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you have a burden for indigenous youth ministry or want to know more about our ministry, you can also follow our Facebook “Projek Daniel“. We recruit volunteers according to the needs of each camp. You are welcome to join!

我们是一群来自砂拉越不同地方的青年人。起初,我们的团队起名为“Calon Ke Syurga (CKS)”,即“天国的选民”。目前,我们的团队为配合未来的发展方向,已正式改名为“Projek Daniel(但以理计划)”。

我们的起点要从2017年12月说起。当时有一群的青年人在Ulu Julau短宣被分配到青少年营会。很意外的,这一群青少年因为这一次的营会,而深深的爱上了伊班青少年的服侍。还记得营会结束的那一晚,当时营会的营长有一个感动。他问说:“有没有可能我们这一班人马再一起到别的地方再办一场营会?”大家异口同声说,“I’m ready to serve!”。就这样,这一个梦就这样开始。当营长还未向年会布道部开口要求,很奇妙的,年会布道部的干事突然找上这个营长。干事说他有一个感动,他看见我们团队办的营会为Ulu Julau的青少年带来很好的影响,希望我们可以到别的地方再办这样的营会。营长喜出望外,满心感谢上帝,很高兴的答应了!就这样,我们的团队就渐渐地开始筹备一场接一场的营会。

若你问我为何要到内陆地区服事原住民。我会告诉你就如罗马书10章14节“ 然而,人未曾信他,怎能求他呢?未曾听见他,怎能信他呢?没有传道的,怎能听见呢?”我可以每个星期舒舒服服的在教会中听牧师讲道,而他们听见福音的机会或许就是我们到那里短宣的一小段时间。

截至2020年5月为止,我们已经成功地进行10场营会。营会地点有Ulu Julau、Kapit、Lubok Antu、Pakan、Sibu Permai、Sibu Jaya、诗巫市区等。当中我们所接触的青少年和儿童已有581人。如今,Projek Daniel团队乃是砂拉越华人年议会布道部下的原住民事工小组里其中的一项事工。团队中现有一位指导和15位来自砂拉越各地的同工一同筹备和策划每一场的营会。

Projek Daniel的宗旨为“使福音翱翔,复兴犀鸟之乡”。为了实现这个宗旨,我们期盼可以栽培原住民青少年领袖,让他们为福音、为自己的民族兴起。故此,Projek Daniel的营会方式为渐进式的,并非办了一次就不再回到那个地方。我们所去的每个地方,我们都将再回去,以进行更深入的教导。目前Projek Daniel营会的主题如下:

  1. CKS 1.0-将信仰的信息透过兴趣班的方式教导青少年,营会中的讲题有“Adakah anda memikul salib?”、“Siapa Yang Layak Masuk Ke Syurga?”以此来教导青少年这个信仰究竟为何。
  2. CKS 2.0-让青少年认识自己,将信仰融入自己的生活中。营会中的讲题有“Siapakah Aku”、“Mendekatilah Tuhan(灵修教导)”、 “Keluarga Saya Kemuliaan Bagi-Mu”、时间和金钱管理等等。为了将信息更有效地传达,营会中也穿插了一系列有关的活动或游戏。


若你是任何可以接触大量原住民青少年的机构,且希望与我们合作筹办营会,请发电邮到,我们会尽快与你联系。若你对原住民事工有负担或是想了解我们事工,也可关注我们的面子书Projek Daniel,我们会按着每次营会的需要招募义工,欢迎你加入!

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