Contact → Evangelism → Cultivation → Service → Inheritance 接触→ 传福音→ 栽培→ 服事→ 传承

Contact → Evangelism → Cultivation → Service → Inheritance
接触→ 传福音→ 栽培→ 服事→ 传承

written by (2019-2020) BOE local missionaries, Ting Mee Hung

Sibu Jaya missionary ministry strategy:
Contact → Evangelism → Cultivation → Service → Inheritance;
Currently we are more focused on the first half, namely contact and evangelism.​


Praise the Lord. Before there were full-time missionaries, Sibujaya Mandarin Ministry Committee had started Sunday school for the indigenous children. There are currently nearly 20 children. Now we have painting interest class before the beginning of Sunday school. In addition, we also invite children to the center through supplementary classes. Teachers accompany them and teach them to do their homework. We also work with schools such as entering into student fellowships and Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade to approach them.

Young Adults

We approached Sibujaya young people often. Many of the children who participated in Sunday school are already in their youth age. We not only meeting new friends, we are also contact with lost young people who participated in Sunday school before. We contacted them through English tuition class every Saturday. Not only in helping them academically, I also hope that they can build a good  relationships with teachers. We contact them through interest classes, such as piano class and guitar class. While the Sunday school was going on, we also led the young people to gather together for devotion and prayer. 

We take them to participate in camps, such as the CKS Youth Camp, welcomed short-term mission teams and participate in camps organized by the short-term mission teams. “Having fun” is also very important in children and youth ministry. During school holiday, we brought them board games, played their favorite “fights”, played football with them (they have awesome superhuman strength, they like ball games and chasing games very much) and so on.

Family or parent

It is most natural to reach out parents through children. We visit students’ homes from time to time, and their hospitality culture is really beautiful. Generally, they will serve us tea and biscuits, and we will talk about the children’s situation in classes, school, and home together, and we will pray for them. A good relationship starts here. During the visit, we would also talk about faith, such as by asking them: “Ada Sembayang?” (Have you gone to church before?) If not, we will prepare to preach the gospel to them next time we visit. 

Gatherings are also one of a natural channel to approach them. The strength of the indigenous people is they know how to prepare BBQ well. When we can used the new gathering spot, the teachers will invite the children’s parents to come here for a dinner. Parents are also invited to participate in some special festivals, such as Good Friday, Filial Piety Festival, and children’s talent show.

In the future, we hope that we can bring our parents to study Bible in a small group; we also plan to conduct some interest classes, such as making cakes and box drums. But before this, no matter it is auxiliary classes, tuition classes, interest classes, etc., human resources (such as volunteers) are very much needed, because children need to be accompanied.

I deeply understand that he harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. In fact, they are very hospitable and heart-warming people, and it is not difficult to invite them to the gathering, but it is sad that no one can care for them even they shown up since the volunteers are in a hurry to serve the children. Therefore, your participation will bring Sibujaya’s residents a great blessings.

You don’t have to be very fluent in Mandarin or Iban languages. As long as you have a heart to love them and hopes that they will be saved like us, you are welcome to contact us.

诗巫再也宣教事工策略:接触→ 传福音→ 栽培→ 服事→ 传承;目前我们比较注重在前半部,即接触及传福音。我们的对象是原住民儿童、青少年及他们的父母。对于不同的群体,我们则采用不同方式接触。






在探访时,我们也会聊信仰的问题,比如问他们:Ada Sembayang?(有去做礼拜了吗?)若还没,我们下次去探访时就会准备向他们传福音。


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