A Ministry for the Sarawak Indigenous People


Brief History and Purpose of the MSIP

The Board of Evangelism established A Ministry for the Sarawak Indigenous People, referred to as MSIP in 1998. It has a history of about 22 years. This group was formed because the Board of Missions decided to separate local missions from foreign missions; local missions are the responsibility of the Board of Evangelism. The group members are composed of pastors and lay believers who have the burden and mission to spread the gospel to the indigenous people; the group members also include the chairpersons of the evangelistic executive committees of each district. In the beginning, we had great ambitions. The purpose of the group was to spread the gospel, and to win the indigenous students in the city, the urban indigenous people, the outskirts longhouse, and the inland indigenous people. Therefore, we have longhouse adoption ministry, short-term missions, social care ministry, survey team ministry, etc.

布道部在1998年设立原住民事工小组(英文是A Ministry for the Sarawak Indigenous People, 简称MSIP). 至今有大约20年的历史了。这小组的产生是因为宣教部做了决定要本地宣教与国外宣教分开; 本地宣教是由布道部负责。组员是由有负担及有使命向原住民传福音的牧者及平信徒组成的; 组员也包括各教区的布道执行会主席。初期开始时, 我们胸怀大志, 小组的目的是要传福音, 得着在城市的原住民大专生, 城市的原住民, 郊外长屋, 内陆的原住民。所以, 我们有长屋领养事工, 短宣事工, 社会关怀事工, 考察事工, 城市国语事工等。




2022 原住民主日影片

2020 Indigenous People Sunday video

Hi, I’m Pastor Raymond Lee, the head of the Ministry for the Sarawak Indigenous People. This year, we’re gonna talk about how we want to share the gospel through different plans and what kind of tasks we had set for this year.

MSIP's ministry results.


Lawas Care Centre

This is one of the ministry in-charge by Board of Evangelism continue Pa Adang’s mission trips in Lawas. Currently, we have Wong Teck Soon as the principle, Henry Kong Kim Hing as the student supervisor, local missionary Jiang Meihua as assistance, and a chef who takes care of the life of Penan children and teenagers. It is mainly build to provide them proper education, hoping to give them a better future. We also encourage Penan children who have completed SPM to continue their studies in STPM or to study at Pilley College.

The monthly living expenses of each child is RM300-RM350. We welcome brothers and sisters to contribute in various amounts (if you have the burden, please contact the director of BOE, Rev. Law 0128770303). 


老越关怀中心是布道部在老越继续Pa Adang的其中一项宣教事工。目前中心里由黄德顺担任院长, 江锦兴为学生主任, 江梅花宣教士协助并关心他们的灵命成长,还有一位厨师负责看顾本南小孩及少年的生话起居。老越关怀中心主要目的是透过教育建立他们, 盼望给他们一个比较好的前途。我们同时也鼓励读完SPM的本南孩子能够继续进修STPM 或来Pilley学院读书。我们也会提供中心的孩子每月的生活费(RM300-RM350)。 


30/12/2022 Lawas Care Centre new Principal Simon Lau & Wife Wong King Hung/ Outgoing principal Wong Teck Sung

Ministry of Ulu Julau Mission

The ministry for the Sarawak Indigenous people had sent more than ten teams to care for over 50 longhouses at the beginning of June and early December each year (the number still increases every year). The main purpose of this ministry is to spread the gospel to the local indigenous people, to explore more longhouses, and help to make up for the insufficient shepherd of the Sarawak Iban Annual Conference(SIAC). Missionary Ling Fang Fang, our local missionary cooperate and work together with SIAC pastor and two Taiwanese missionaries to shepherd Ulu Julau’s residents.

Ulu Julau宣教事工

原住民事工小组每年六月初和十二初派十多队去关心大约五十间长屋(这数目每年都增加) 。主要目的是传福音给当地原住民, 开拓更多长屋, 帮補伊班年议会牧者不足的牧养。林芳芳宣教士与一位伊班年议会牧者以及两位台湾宣教士彼此配答。

Ministry of Ulu Belaga Mission

We entrusted Miri district to cooperate with BEM to shepherd and conduct early childhood education at Long Malim, Long Wat, Long Menapa, Long Luar, Penan Longhouse area. The Miri District has a fixed schedule to shepherd them by organize short mission trips to these area around January or February.

Ulu Belaga宣教事工

我们委托美里教区去跟BEM配答牧养Long Malim, Long Wat, Long Menapa, Long Luar, 本南长屋及进行幼儿教育。美里教区固定每—至二月去以短宣牧养他们

Ministry of Ulu Song Mission

The ministry for the Sarawak Indigenous people send one teams to care for over 14 longhouses at February and September each year. The team members need to use speedboats to reach the Song Town. The team members will first went to the longhouse at land area before reaching other longhouses by river to perform their ministry. The main purpose of this ministry is to spread the gospel to the local indigenous people, to explore more longhouses, and help to make up for the insufficient shepherd of the Sarawak Iban Annual Conference(SIAC).

There are no missionaries serving in Ulu Song.

Ulu Song宣教事工

原住民事工小组每年三月和九月派一队队员去关心大约十四间的长屋 。队员需用快艇到达Song市区,队员先在陆路区的长屋进行事工后才以水路到达其他长屋进行事工。小组主要目的是传福音给当地原住民, 开拓更多长屋, 帮補伊班年议会牧者不足的牧养。

目前还未有宣教士在Ulu Song一带服事。

Ministry of Ulu Kanowit Mission

Starting from 2019 at the beginning of June and early December, The ministry for the Sarawak Indigenous people not only send more than a dozen teams to take care more than 50 longhouses in Ulu Julau area (the number still increases every year), but also expanded the gospel field to Ulu Kanowit area due to the increase of mission team every year. The main purpose is to spread the gospel to the indigenous people, open up more longhouses, and help to make up for the insufficient pastor of Sarawak Iban Annual Conference. 

Ling Fang Wang, our BOE missionary co-worker and an SIAC pastor cooperate together to shepherd Ulu Kanowit’s longhouse residents.

Ulu Kanowit宣教事工

原住民事工小组于2019年开始,不只是于六月初和十二初派十多队去关心Ulu Julau地区大约五十间长屋(这数目每年都增加) ,也随着每年团队增加,把福音禾场扩张到Ulu Kanowit。主要目的是传福音给当地原住民, 开拓更多长屋, 帮補伊班年议会牧者不足的牧养。

目前有林芳望宣教性质同工与一位伊班年议会牧者彼此配答牧养Ulu Kanowit的长屋居民。

Ministry of Sebuyao Mission

Sebuyau  is the hometown of sister Cerol, the chairman of Matang Methodist Church BM Ministry. Thank God for giving local missionary Sis Irene visions, through this channel, God leads us into this gospel field. In 2018, Missionary Irene has followed Sister Cerol to do survey twice in this field. After two visits and meetings of Selangau area, both sides reached a consensus and allowed us to have a longer-term plan.

At the end of last year, after I put forward a discussion in MSIP Group and this plan was accepted by everyone, short-term mission team finally set off this year. I continue to ask everyone to pray continously so that Kuching and other Board of BM ministry can see the vision from it. Through their church members, we can enter their longhouses and open more gospel doors. At the same time, with the vast of mission field, we also ask the Lord to send more workers, especially the churches in the east and west district of Kuching, to harvest the Lord’s crops together.



Ministry of Kapit Lighthouse

Kapit Lighthouse is a gospel organization dedicated to gaining the indigenous people of Kapit. This is an institution established by Dr. Lee Chee San and his team, a former Kapit Central Hospital doctor who loves the Lord very much. He retired early and is currently focusing on promoting gospel ministry in Kapit.

The purpose of Lighthouse is to improve the education of the indigenous people of Kapit, Christian discipleship, women ministry, youth ministry, and improve living standards through agricultural development. Currently, Kapit Lighthouse and Scipture Union are co-organizing many leadership training courses, youth spiritual life camps and entering elementary or middle schools for evangelism and discipleship. MSIP cooperate with Kapit Lighthouse through Sarawak Iban Annual Conference.

Kapit Lighthouse宣教事工

Kapit Lighthouse是一个专门为得着加帛原住民的福音机构。这是一位非常爱主的前加帛中央医院医生Dr. Lee Chee San和团队所设立的机构。他提早退休, 目前在加帛专心推动福音事工。

Lighthouse 的目的是提高加帛原住民的教育, 基督教门训, 妇女事工, 青少年事工, 及透过农业发展提高生活水准。目前Kapit Lighthouse机构与Scipture Union一同配答主办许多领袖训练课程, 青少年属灵生活营和进入小学或中学去布道及门训。吾会透过伊班年议会跟Lighthouse配答。

Team Project Daniel

Project Daniel is a team composed of young people from different parts of Sarawak. At first, Project Daniel team was named as “Calon Ke Syurga (CKS)”, which means “the candidates of heaven.” Now the team has officially changed its name to Project Daniel to match the future development direction.

Project Daniel’s starting point was started in December 2017. At that time, a group of young people were assigned to a youth camp in Ulu Julau. Surprisingly, this group of teenagers fell deeply in love with the serving for the Iban teenagers throughout this camp. The director of BOE approached the camp leader. The director saw the camp organized by the young people had a good impact on the youth of Ulu Julau, and hoped that these young people could organize such camp again elsewhere.

So Project Daniel team composed of a group of young people formally established in 2018. Every year, they will be fixed to various places in Sarawak to prepare one camp after another.


但以理团队是一群来自砂拉越不同地方的青年人所组成的福音团队。起初,该团队起名为“Calon Ke
Syurga (CKS)”,即“天国的选民”。目前,团队为配合未来的发展方向,已正式
改名为“Projek Daniel”(但以理计划)。

但以理计划最初起点是于2017年12月开始。当时有一群的青年人在Ulu Julau短宣被分配到
青少年营会。很意外的,这一群青少年因为这一次的营会,而深深的爱上了伊班青少年的服侍。年会布道部的干事找到这位营长。布道部干事看见团队所办的营会为Ulu Julau的青少年带来很好的影响,希望该团队可以到别的地方再办这样的营会。


Character Training 品格训练 

– 牧者与原住民小组


Selangau area, bintulu

This is one of the place named Selangau, Bintulu that we surveyed. The indigenous people were very friendly and welcomed us with their whole heart. Due to lack of pastors, the new generations of the indigenous people didn’t have the chance to hear the gospel. The Harvest is Plentiful, but the Workers are Few, so will you join us in this ministry and win the soul of the Sarawak people?