24/12/2023 诗巫道声剧团/诗巫新福源堂, 迷失尋找,人數700。

25/12/2023 诗巫道声剧团/诗巫CCK广埸,迷失尋垅,人數300.

25/12/2023 诗巫道声剧团/诗巫Sanyan广埸, 和平王子,人數3000.


微电影作品 Video production

2022 短视频比赛得奖作品
2022 Short video Prized production

展望 Outlook


[Dao Sheng Methodist Drama Troupe] The next goal is to spread it to all pastoral areas to establish [Tang Hui Dao Sheng Drama Troupe]. This plan has been approved by the Ministry of Evangelism and is currently in the process of revising the articles of association. I hope to submit it to the SCAC as soon as possible to be officially implemented.

年份                  年会道声剧团团长

1986至1997     许世韬(【道声剧团】创办人兼荣誉顾问)

1998至2001     郑仁和

2002                  钱本富

2003                  郑尚立

2004至2006     陈华安

2007至2008     卢菁菁

2009至2010     余响富

2011至2014     余民富

2015至2018     黄灵培

2019至2022     余民富 

2022年 - 创团团长、年会团长、各教区团长录制

Behind the scene of "A new world"

Thank God, after five years of drama training, Dao Sheng Methodist Drama Troupe was finally able to rely on local resources to produce a localized drama “A New World” for the whole Sarawak drama troupe to perform. We hope that churches under SCAC will cherish and use it for evangelism purpose.

—Yii Ming Hoo, Director of Dao Sheng Methodist Drama Troupe—